10th Anniversary of An Inconvenient Truth, with Al Gore

Paramount and Participant Media celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Oscar-winning landmark documentary An Inconvenient Truth last night with a party at SmogShoppe that featured its star, former Vice President Al Gore. The several other notable guests including its director Davis Guggenheim, Norman Lear, Ed Begley Jr., Frances Fisher and other like-minded defenders of environmental causes.
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Unsolved History/KAL 007

Producer 2004, Documentary, US, 57 min., DigiBeta Discovery Channel September 1, 1983 – a Korean Airlines 747, carrying 269 people, is shot down while flying through Soviet airspace. Everyone on board is killed, including 61 Americans. Twenty-three casualties were children under the age of twelve. The Soviets claim the plane was on a spy mission
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