Unsolved History/KAL 007

Unsolved History/KAL 007
2004, Documentary, US, 57 min., DigiBeta
Discovery Channel

September 1, 1983 – a Korean Airlines 747, carrying 269 people, is shot down while flying through Soviet airspace. Everyone on board is killed, including 61 Americans. Twenty-three casualties were children under the age of twelve. The Soviets claim the plane was on a spy mission and that their actions were justified. The United States insists that Russia fired without provocation.

Join the Unsolved History team as they launch a new investigation into this tragedy, using technology and forensic science not available 20 years ago. Through careful re-examination of existing photographic, oceanographic and electronic records, experts set out to determine whether the KAL-007 disaster was simply a case of mistaken identity on the part of the Russian anti-aircraft – and whether flaws in the jet’s navigational gear caused it to veer into unauthorized airspace. Plus, investigators look into the most puzzling aspect of all: Why was so little of the wreckage, including the remains of the passengers, found?